Before coming to our dental office in San Diego, California, be sure to complete your patient forms. By completing your patient forms at home before your appointment, you can save time at Greyling Dental. If you have any questions for our dentist, Dr. Joanne Vargas-Velasco, be sure to call our office at 858-292-1155.

Included below is our New Patient Form, a HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices and Facts About Fillings (a document all about materials commonly used in dental procedures). Feel free to review the two latter forms for your reference, and submit your New Patient Form prior to your appointment.


New Patient Forms:

New Patient Form
Notice of Privacy Practices
Facts About Fillings

If you are a new patient that would like to have your X-rays transferred from a different dental office, please provide your previous dental provider’s information 48 hours before your appointment. Click the form below to get started.

Records Request

Returning Patients:

If you are a returning patient, we would appreciate it if you would update your medical history with us before your next dental appointment. We only require this update once a year so we can stay informed about your overall health. Please complete the following form before your return appointment.

Medical History Update