Laser Dentistry


Laser therapy in dentistry provides patients with a more comfortable dental treatment experience. Using laser dentistry, your dentist is able to deliver a precise treatment that is more comfortable, quicker, and provides more stunning results.


Benefits of laser therapy

There are several benefits to receiving a laser therapy dental treatment.

  • Many laser treatments do not require anesthesia, and the recovery time is much quicker than with traditional treatment methods.
  • Treatments are more comfortable.
  • There is a less potential chance of bacterial infection because laser treatments are so precise.


Types of laser dentistry we offer 

At Greyling Dental we demand for our patients high quality and time-efficient treatment options, which is why we utilize Laser Therapy with a diode laser. There are many ways we use Laser to keep patients healthy.


Laser Bacterial Reduction

Laser Bacterial Reduction allows the hygienist to sterilize and disinfect periodontal pockets reducing bacterial load in the mouth to prevent cross contamination from tooth to tooth prior to your cleaning as well as preventing this bacteria from getting in our bloodstreams. This alone has proven to be a huge problem contributing to many undesired health conditions. 


Laser for Intrasulcular Debridement

In addition, we use laser alongside periodontal therapy - scaling and root planing procedure, otherwise known as a “deep cleaning.” This is important because strong bacteria have already caused bone loss which left untreated and monitored can lead to tooth loss. After a scaling and root planing procedure, the benefits of a laser are that it rids the periodontal pockets of infected gum tissue contributing to the inflammation as well as disinfecting the pockets. Furthermore, there is decreased bleeding, swelling, and overall decreased post-op discomfort than without laser therapy. After this procedure, healthy gum tissue regenerates that otherwise may not happen as quickly without a laser.


Laser use for Canker Sores and Fever Blisters

In addition, it deactivates bacterial and viral lesions in the mouth. The best part of having current up to date technology is that this promotes quicker healing. 


There is minimal discomfort for the Laser Treatment and it is quick and completely safe around restorations, implants, as well as pregnant patients and nursing patients.  We are happy to offer you this safe FDA approved service to maximize your oral health.    

To learn more about laser dentistry and how you may benefit from a laser treatment, please contact Greyling Dental and schedule an appointment.

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